The Depot Front Door

The other morning the bebé and I strolled down to the new coffee shop, The Depot.  Lovely building.  Though we were strolling, I noticed the plentiful, easy parking.  The staff are friendly.  There are lots of good regular coffee choices as well as yummy sounding espresso drinks.  I had the day’s bold roast, and it was very good.  The young proprietor seems passionate about good coffee, and theirs is fair trade coffee roasted in New Orleans which means fresh beans.  While there for the coffee, I was tempted by some enormous sour cream biscuits.  Yes, please!  They were soft, rich, and craveable–worth the trip even if you don’t do coffee.  This intrepid reviewer even managed to try the bThe Depot patioiscuits again a couple of days later just to, you know, check the consistency of the product.  All in a day’s work.  One embarrassingly small note:  The biscuit experience would have been even more perfect with some better jam.  The generic strawberry was ok, but some nicer jam would have been, er, nicer.

Large coffee and even larger biscuit was less than $4.  Very reasonable.    If you’d like some great local coffee, give The Depot a try.  Just go early–they’ve been known to sell out of those sour cream biscuits.

The Depot Coffee House and Sweet Shop is located at 127 Bushman Street.

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