n26298125674_7323I know change is scary.  Sometimes it makes us a little uneasy; other times it makes us down right upset.  Some of you may have felt that way when Crescent City Grill changed their menu a few months ago.  Hey, I understand.  I still miss the Bottomless House Salad from the 90s (although you can still get the same salad with the same yummy balsamic vinaigrette and toast, just without the “bottomless”).  To those folks who are upset about the new menu, would some buttery, cheesy grits make you feel better?  Yes?

While my Dad and Hubby were mourning the disappearance of Pasta Jambalaya, I was busy noticing the new vegetable sampler plates available.  You can get a whole plate of really great “vegetables” like cheese grits, fried green tomatoes with comeback sauce, mashed potatoes, and asparagus–which is exactly what I did.  You can see the new menu here.  Some other highlights from the new menu are the shrimp and grits, once just a special but now with a permanent spot,  and the appetizer sampler platter with 3 of my favorite appetizers: crabmeat wontons, nachos, and stuffed mushrooms.  Another new feature is a to-go menu with family sized portions of favorite entrees (one of which is the aforementioned Pasta Jambalaya) along with your choice of salad, soup, appetizer, and dessert.  Check out the new menu or enjoy something off the special Seafood September menu through September 30th.  Of note on the Seafood September menu is the Corn and Crabcake Bisque–a hearty portion of everyone’s favorite Corn and Crab Bisque plated with one of their classic Crabcakes.   Crescent City Grill is located at 3810 Hardy Street.

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