Pulled PorkSmoked Chicken

Hattiesburg certainly has a wealth of good BBQ.  My two favorites are Leatha’s, of course, and Divine Swine. Unfortunately, neither of those are a few blocks from my house.  The Cadillac Pig, however, is so I had to give it a try.  I have tried it twice.  The first time I got the pulled pork sandwich.  It is huge.  It was just off the smoker, and the meat was very tender.  The sauce was a good balance of sweet and kick.  Even with all it had going for it, I just didn’t like it.  Perhaps it was the non-traditional bread.  Instead of a bun, it was served on a soft, toasted hogie roll.  The bread was good.  All the components were good,  just when you added everything up, it wasn’t what I wanted to eat that day.  Given my non-specific complaints, I felt I should give it another try.  So, a few weeks later we went there for lunch.  I got the Big Bird platter (smoked chicken) and my husband got the sausage and ribs.  I’m so glad we went back.  The chicken and ribs were fabulous.  Both were smoked with a dry rub, but were super moist, tender, and very flavorful.  Portions were large.  The sides were nothing special and both times I went they were having problems with their soft drink supply, but where it counts, the Cadillac Pig delivered.  I won’t be giving up Leatha’s or Divine Swine any time soon, but when I need a little drive through BBQ, this will be my go-to place.

The Cadillac Pig is located at 706 James Street.

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