A couple of months ago the little man and I went with some folks to check out Magnolia Sisters Buffet and Bakery in Lumberton.  Bottom line:  really good food in a really bizarre atmosphere.  First, the food.  It was the best local buffet food I’ve had. Everything was cooked very well and seemed to have quality ingredients. Nothing seemed like a filler or tasted like cafeteria food.  The usual fried goodies were featured as well as some really good traditional New Orleans style seafood dishes.

Now the bizarre. . . the buffet is housed in an extremely well lit large room with larger than life photo murals of New Orleans landmarks.  In the center of the room is a karaoke area where folks can serenade the diners.  While we were there we were treated to some Patsy Cline, which I discovered the little man likes to “dance” to in his high chair.  I think this is a great place for families and groups of friends.  Not really a romantic, date night type of place.

Just don’t ask me how to get there.  I followed some folks and had absolutely no idea where I was.  It was a pretty drive, though.  Magnolia Sisters Buffet and Bakery is located at 1556 Little Black Creek Rd, Lumberton, MS 39455
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