There’s a new(ish) fast food burger joint in town.  I found it sort of similar to Five Guys (which I love) with hand cut-style fries but with a few more choices–like whole wheat buns and black bean burgers.  The menu is pretty simple–just burgers, dogs, grilled cheese, fries, and dessert.  I’ve tried a beef burger, a hot dog, a black bean burger, and the grilled cheese, and I liked them all (no, not all in one visit).  The buns taste fresh-baked, and the wheat bun actually tastes like wheat.   Shockingly, the black bean burger actually tastes like black beans–not some weird frankenfood veggie burger.  The fries actually taste and look like potatoes and were not too greasy.   The beef used in their burgers is labeled as “open prairie” beef (see Food, Inc.).  The chocolate chunk cookies were good–at least my son liked them.  No, I wasn’t fooled into thinking that the fare is health food, but I think the quality of the ingredients make these burgers stand out among the fast food crowd.  My only gripe is that everyone’s food is individually bagged (whether eating-in or to-go).  It just seems like a lot of paper to me.  Still, I like the place.  You should give it a try.

Bakers Burger Co. is located at  6154 US Hwy 49 in Hattiesburg.

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