The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint which opens today in the former Bottling Company building downtown already has the feel of a Hattiesburg fixture. The place has a really fun, laid back vibe. With the live music and the name-yelling food distribution system, it’s not a place for a quiet dinner, but you didn’t expect a quiet dinner, did you?

The bbq is sweet–actually, very sweet. I like a sweet sauce, but in my opinion this could have used a little more heat for balance.  In the future, I’ll ask for the extra-spicy sauce.  The chicken was tender and the pulled pork sandwich was a huge pile of awesome. Next time, I’ll try the ribs. The baked potato salad was great, but I do have a weakness for potato salad with sour cream. The baked beans were good, but I didn’t love the slaw (not sweet enough, actually). If you are a vegetarian, you’ll enjoy the beer selection and music, but eat before you go.

The Shed is located at 126 Market Street.
Shed BBQ and Blues at the Bottling Company on Urbanspoon

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